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Acai Berry scam Before & After Fraud Photos

Africa's "superfruit" arrives in the west

The growing trend for healthy, nature-based products in the developed world, and the more wealthy developing nations as well, is creating a potentially massive demand for some of Africa's traditional health-giving produce. Tom Nevin reports.

Hoodia diet pills Gordonii Plus Appetite Suppressant contains 100% pure South African Hoodia plus other weight loss ingredients.


Chaim-Gross-Foundation.pdf 15 MAY 2009 Sotheby�s to Offer African & Oceanic Art from the Collection of The Renee and Chaim Gross Foundation

East Africa Business environment has declined - leaders. The 2008 Business Climate Index (BCI) report shows that the business environment in East Africa has worsened from what it was last year.

South African Wines Step Onto the Stage 

South African Wines Step Onto the Stage
photo: Alice Buckley 

FORGIVE me if I�m excited, but I can�t help it. I want to tell you straight out that South Africa, of all places, is one of the greatest sources for moderately priced south African cabernet sauvignon on the planet today.

South African Stocks Shares Move Up a selection...

Africas: Photographs from the Permanent Kodak Collectionafricas photographs: Malick Sidib�, Christmas Eve (Happy Club). 1963/2002.

Exhibition Features Photographs by Margaret Bourke-White, Arnold Newman, Malick Sidib� and Others


African Vibes Magazine Kicks Off its Digital Edition Launch

India seeks rough diamonds supply from African markets

MUMBAI: India, which is facing a shortage of rough diamonds, has sought uninterrupted supply of the same mainly from the African market. 

Doing business in China will never be easy

China has always offered fortune or frustration to the outside world when it comes to trade. The first British trade mission in 1792, sent to turn around a trade imbalance due to the UK's addiction to tea, set the tone for centuries to come.

> newsmap is a graphical agregator with newpages and actuality; from google.     > newsmap has been conceived in 2004 by     > newsmap can be consulted by country and section 

Africa investments Eric Nathan_SAAfrica Investments turn up in most countries

[Interview] Warren Heaps is co-owner of Birches Group LLC, a small specialized market developing consultancy focused on small and developing markets. The company conducts commercial survey on each African country among others. spoke to him.  What is your personal interest in Africa?

Burundi Bank , Business Opportunities in Country, Says Vice President

Bujumbura Burundi is in the process of changing its investment code to make doing business easy and for foreign investors. "We are ready to facilitate any foreign investors who come here," Burundi's Second Vice President in charge of the economy, Mr. Gabriel Ntisezerana said recently.

tanzania natural resourcestanzania natural resources

Tanzania: Country Isn't Poor; It Lacks Political 'Think Tank' and Action

South African Indian Jewellery firms eye global mart 

� Indian Jewellery company is in talks with partners to launch outlets in West Asia, the UK, Singapore and South Africa.� 

Tanzania to review mining contracts -goldTanzanian Mining

Tanzania to review mining contracts

South Africa Business: Rubbishes New Waste Proposal

Katanga, Nikanor tie-up to create African mining giant

Katanga Mining Ltd., seen here, is merging with rival Nikanor PLC to form an African mining powerhouse with a market value of roughly $3.3-billion (U.S.). In a bid to create the world's largest cobalt producer and the leading copper miner in Africa, Katanga Mining Ltd. is merging with rival Nikanor PLC to form an African mining powerhouse with a market value of roughly $3.3-billion (U.S.). read Katanga African next Mining Giant

South Africa Vacation third place - Johannesburg - Australia has been named the world's top tourism annual survey of travellers and industry experts from around the world.

East African Business Council

EABC Collecting Views On Customs

Africa weather TanzaniaSteven Paxton's photo of Tanzanian children waiting for rain clouds to burst 

A group of children pose under darkening skies in Tanzania, Lake Mtera

People throughout South Africa, and particularly in rural communities, have lost their lives because Africa weather forecasts warnings did not reach them in time. 

Articles en fran�ais sur le Business Africain

Carte d'Afrique religions, terre de conqu�tes religieuses

Le danger de l'argent chinois inonde l'Afrique

C'est une pluie de dollars qui s'abat sur l'Afrique. Fin septembre, la Chine a attribu� � la R�publique d�mocratique du Congo (RDC) un �norme pr�t, d'au moins 5 milliards de dollars (3,5 milliards d'euros),

Le romancier John Le Carr� raconte la gen�se de son aventure africaine. | CAMERA PRESS/GAMMACongo Le Carre : Une r�alit� si stup�fiante..., par John Le Carr� (french) 
un texte in�dit en fran�ais du c�l�bre auteur de romans d'espionnage.

L'Afrique �conomique vous salue bien

Cotonou, en mai 2006, Nicolas Sarkozy a d�clar� que "la France n'avait �conomiquement plus besoin de l'Afrique". Elu pr�sident, il d�clare � Dakar que "l'homme africain n'est pas entr� dans l'histoire". Comment avez-vous appr�ci� ces discours ?
African American investment art opportunities

pygmy Ota Benga in 1904Pygmy Conference: In 1906, a Congolese Pygmy named Ota Benga was put on display at the Bronx Zoo. While such an exhibition seems inconceivable today, the Pygmies of central Africa are still being marginalized and exploited.

As recently as July 2007, Pygmies in the Republic of the Congo were being housed in a tent at a zoo and forced to scrounge for firewood to cook their food as tourists watched.

Pygmy Ota Benga in 1904.

Uganda travel- Zulu indunaAfrican Business Diversity Forums Promoted. 
Leggett Meets With South Asian Leaders at Montgomery County

Heritage Charter to Preserve African Culture

Recommendations regarding the preservation of African culture have been received during the Heritage Transformation Charter public consultations currently taking place in the country.


The African Times Online 1866-1872 Hear the voices of Africans, Afro-Britons, and Africans of the diaspora, prior to the great race by Africans to extend formal colonial rule over much of Africa. !

Sierra Leone Diamonds : Sierra Leone looks for extra shine from diamonds . 

Uganda Travel East Africa: Local Tourism Enters East Africa as Country Spreads Across Continent

BlackParis Tour some tips if you travel

African countries recommend Tourism: It had always been seen as an economic power

Bush Radio 89.5 fm is the Mother of Community Radio in Africa. 


N�grologieL�Afrique incomprise de Stephen Smith

black art booksBlack Art books
A visitor looks at the 'grid' of Rosa Parks themed posters by Amos Paul Kennedy
Edgy and assertive, the exhibition title "We, Too, Are Book Artists" hints at prior neglect, a need to prove something, a desire to claim a rightful place in a spotlight. That's one goal of the 23 African-American artists included in the show, which runs through Sept. 22 at the Minnesota Center for the Book Arts (MCBA).

Twenty-three African-American artists explore their art, history, heritage and social justice issues 
READ:  handmade black art books and sculpture.

Behind the Scenes: Warlords� Deadly Battle in Congo 
Written by Keith Harmon Snow

Kabila's african war Guards in Congo The "four-day war" that rocked Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo from March 22-26, 2007 was called a "cleaning" by insiders. Everyone knew it was going to happen, the United Nations Observers Mission in Congo (MONUC) did nothing to stop it and the death count was significantly under-reported. The realities behind the scenes remain cloaked by the international media and world institutions, and the big losers, yet again, are the Congolese people. This is the inside story. 
read Congo African Business War


I am African - Save Africa - David BowieStop Trying To Save Africa

Last fall, shortly after I returned from Nigeria, I was accosted by a perky blond college student whose blue eyes seemed to match the "African" beads around her wrists... "Save Darfur!" she shouted ...

Africa Must Seal New Trade Deals With EUAfrican countries must agree new trade deals with Europe by the end of the year or risk losing valuable commerce.

African links and African Art Local fund-raisers. New approaches to art fairs. With prices rising faster than ever, savvy collectors are shifting their strategies for nabbing deals. Where to find the next bargains. Over three decades of collecting for herself and corporate clients, art adviser Lisa Austin landed good deals by cultivating relationships with galleries. "Those days are over," she says. With the art market booming, dealers are flooded with buyers and bargains are often scarce.

Steve Clayton secret marketing linkssecret marketing links 
Seven Reasons Why Small Firms Should Blog

black slaves tours highlight black culture

CHARLESTON, S.C. � For decades here, there was little mention of the rich culture of the descendants of slaves, many of whom fished and farmed on the nearby sea islands.  Despite the rewriting of reality and lack of recognition from outsiders, the culture of West African slaves was nourished by their descendants. The isolation of the sea islands where they lived helped keep their language, arts and traditions largely intact. 

Hope, Profit, and your finance jobs in Africa

How do you build consumer markets and fight AIDS in a broken land? MTV banks on music videos and local talent.

Alex Okosi, 32, Nigeria-born and U.S.-bred, has spent two years building what now is one of the fastest-growing international outposts of the farthest-reaching cable channel in the world--MTV. He has done it on a continent infamous for famine, poverty, genocide, despots, never-ending wars and AIDS: Africa. The distinctly American music video channel now beams out a locally produced lineup of pan-African stars and a few U.S. crossover hits to small audiences in 48 of the 53 African nations, using satellite and terrestrial TV stations to reach 50 million people.

Africa Ecotourism

Tiny island nation seeks a place in Africa's growing Africa ecotourism business

Africa commodities  to light Africa's jets

Africa Ecotourism

Tiny island nation seeks a place in Africa's growing ecotourism business

Africa diamonds

African Resource wars

African Cobalt

African Food

African fruit from Blueberry farm

webmaster business tools

Google cash strikes back

Did you see the video ? Google cash strikes back -download the video and do better business Download this free 40 page report

African Lawyer in Harlem 


The fight to preserve community gardens saw garden supporters taking dramatic lawyer steps last week in East Harlem. 

Protestors gathered last week outside Nueva Esperanza Jardin in East Harlem to try to stop the city from taking over the nearly 20 year-old community garden. Activists chanted "save our trees!" as construction workers and police surrounded the garden,...

african american business

how to start a business  

Finding the right type of financing, or finding any financing for that matter, is often one of the most difficult parts of starting and building a solid small business. You might have a terrific plan and be talented and dedicated, but finding funding is another matter.

African Wars Solutions ??


Russia accused of unleashing cyberwar to disable Estonia

Parliament, ministries, banks, media websites targeted in cyberwar
Nato experts sent in to strengthen defences

It is not enough that Russia sells weapons to the African Darfur and kills journalist with radioactive materials, now Russia cyberwar also started, humm, humm, time to play fair games ??? 


China Africa business Development Fund to boost business links

An appetite for oil has driven interest in Africa business

China has established the China-Africa Development Fund with a corpus amount of one billion US dollars to help promote the communist country's investments and businesses in the huge African continent.

how to start a business It doesn't matter if you are an African American or not but a Strong start requires funding

Finding the right type of financing, or finding any financing for that matter, is often one of the most difficult parts of starting and building a solid small business. You might have a terrific plan and be talented and dedicated, but finding funding is another matter.


Divorcing a man and his $190,000 business credit card debt 

business unit leadership  global sales An unidentified man walks past a Chinese trader sitting in front of his shop in Lagos, Nigeria

As Chinese Investment in Africa Grows, So Do Risks read business unit leadership  global sales


Diaspora increase demand for African foods

Demand for African foodstuff in Europe and America is rising due to the increasing number of Africans, particularly Nigerians who sojourn to these countries for better life.

africa cashew Myjoy online Ghana News Photos WATH West Africa Trade Hub News African cashew prospects: The quest for better quality and wealth creation

Africa currently produces more than one-third of the world�s cashew (605,000 tons out of 1.6 million tons world wide in 2006) and exports an estimated 95% of raw nuts abroad.


blue angels crash return to Pensacola skies after South Carolina crash

PENSACOLA, Fla. The U-S Navy's Blue Angels are back in the skies at the Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida, just nine days after a pilot's death at a South Carolina airshow.

African Art repatriation
Collectors give struggle-era art to Heritage Foundation

An international foundation set up by the Ministry of Arts and Culture to repatriate elements of South Africa's struggle-era heritage received a substantial boost in London last week, writes Shaun Benton.

Business Forum to Be Held After COMESA Summit Africa Nairobi
The 12th Summit of heads of State of the Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA), will also witness a gathering of about 500 leaders from the region to attend a business forum.
The COMESA summit will be held on 17 and 18 May 2007

e-in business Cort�s was a founding member of United Bank of Philadelphia, the first African-American commercial bank in Pennsylvania. He is a member of the Pennsylvania ...

This is why im hot is a hip-hop song by MIMS telling the African to be more confident in themselves

Hot Zone covers the wars in Africa for Yahoo

Zimbabwe business Transport, Zimbabwe weigh on S.Africa business mood

kelly blue book new trends

First African American woman on Texas Court of Appeals speaks on women's history african american business Women's History Month continued with a lecture by Gaynelle Jones at the School of Architecture last Thursday.

Harlem African American Lawyer against Museum of African Art

Will Branson Multi-Million Dollar Contest Be the Answer to African American Global Art Warming?

"Less than 1 percent of that money goes to minority businesses and less than a quarter percent goes to African-American business"

department of defense data acquisition services

The Defense Information Systems Agency is in the process of developing a portfolio of capabilities, under the heading of Network Centric Enterprise Services, that will aid in the cross-functional posting and utilization of data.

african american inventors
"As our nation celebrates the achievements of African Americans, Edison International would like to pay special tribute to the inventors who have had a lasting impact on science, technology and our industry. We honor their vision and intelligence.�
-- John E. Bryson, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Edison International

Black History Is West Virginia History & list of famous african americans

Washington, DC (HNN) -- As Black History Month again draws to a close, it is the perfect time to reflect on the accomplishments of so many black figures who were intimately connected to the Mountain State.
To fully appreciate the breadth and depth of the contributions of these heroes, we need only to imagine what life in the Mountain State -what life across America - would be like without them.

Blueberry farm

The South African Blueberry Company is located in Franschhoek South Africa, the heart of Africa's wine producing area.

 Though wine grapes are grown, our specialty is export blueberries, grown in the southern hemisphere, which make them available from mid October for three weeks, or weeks 42 - 44.

business in south africa

South Africa to pull more business tourists

Despite making up only five percent of foreign tourists visiting South Africa, business travellers spend on average up to three times more than those coming to the country on holiday.


africa business daily: Cell Phones Vital in Developing World

In South Africa, cell phones serve as a virtual office for carpenters, painters and other laborers who post their numbers on handwritten signs advertising their skills.

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African Business

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Africas Photographs 

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Tanzanian Mining

Heritage Charter to Preserve African Culture
Africa commodities 
African Food
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African Wars
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